If you have scheduled a holiday in Egypt, you can test for COVID-19 at Hurghada / Sharm el Sheikh airports

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As I previously informed you, as of September 01, passengers on flights to Egypt must test negative for Covid-19, taken no more than 72 hours before the time of entry into the territory of Egypt.  

At the same time, we would like to inform you that, on 30.08.2020, the Egyptian authorities announced that foreign citizens traveling by plane to Hughada or Sharm El Sheikh can perform the PCR molecular test at these airports, in case of various reasons you could not do it in the country of departure. The service is for a fee (30 USD / person).

Details for Romanians traveling to Egypt: 

• If you will not perform the PCR test in Romania for good reasons, we recommend that you ask the agency where you registered, at least 4 days before departure, the test at the destination airport, specifying the name and surname as they appear in the passport and passport number;  
• after testing at the airport in Egypt, you will be transferred to the hotel booked by private transfer (the difference between the group transfer and the private one will be paid on the spot by each tourist); 
• on arrival at the hotel, according to the information issued by the Egyptian authorities, the test result will be expected in specially arranged rooms, which are separated from the rest of the rooms. 

After obtaining the result:

• if the result is negative, you will continue your vacation normally; 
• if the result is positive, you will be quarantined in the specially arranged rooms for 14 days (in which case the agency can offer the return flight at no extra cost, only within the limits of availability and only on the airline within the reserved package).

We also come with good news. From September 1, trips to some of Egypt's most beautiful tourist attractions resume: Valea Regilor - Luxor; The Pyramids of Giza; Sphinx; Egyptian Museum in Cairo etc.

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