Indonesia stops searching for victims of Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air (PK-CLC) plane crash

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Indonesian authorities have announced that they will stop searching for victims of the crash of the Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air (PK-CLC). There were 62 people on board the plane, all of whom were declared dead.

But the search for the recovery of the black box memory (CVR) of the Sriwijaya Air plane will continue. The other day, the Indonesian authorities presented the case of the black box cockpit voice recorder (CVR), but without memory. The other black box, known as FDR, was recovered and the information was extracted.

Bagus Puruhito, who led the search and rescue mission, mentioned that his teams recovered 324 bags with parts of the plane, debris from the passengers' luggage, but also human fragments.

The Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air (PK-CLC) crashed on January 9, shortly after takeoff. This plane crash was the first for the Indonesian airline Sriwijaya and the biggest disaster in Indonesia since October 2018, when 189 people lost their lives after the crash of the Boeing 737 MAX Lion Air, which also sank in the Java Sea shortly time after takeoff.

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