Information: TAXI control terminals at Otopeni Airport have been decommissioned.

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According to the announcement of the taxi operators, from August 1, 2020, the TAXI control terminals at Henri Coandă Airport were decommissioned.

"They ask us for 13.000 euros a month for a period in which the airport did not work and, obviously, we did not have orders. The executive management understood the situation, but had nothing to do because the request came from the board of directors. We have notified the airport company since March 17 that we will not be able to pay because we do not have customers from Otopeni, but they have not made any decision in this regard. At one point we were offered to pay 50 percent, but we do not agree because the airport was deserted. So from August 1 we take the devices out of the socket and we don't take any more orders ", specified the president of COTAR.

The services offered to passengers do not suffer (so say the representatives of the airport), as they will remain at their disposal. TAXI cars with a maximum price of 2,29 lei / km, which can be found at the station in front of the Arrivals airport. But the measure will damage the pockets of travelers. One is 1.39 lei / km and the other is 2.29 lei / km.

TAXI cars, existing on the airport esplanade at ARRIVALS, operate according to the law and as well as on the vast majority of the world's airports, on the principle of "first come, first served". (Also in the Arrivals area, but in other stations, taxis of 3,50 lei / km can also be found)

representatives Henri Coanda Airport states that both TAXI cars and their drivers have undergone an authorization procedure and are under the direct control of the airport administration. Any irregularity / dissatisfaction must be brought immediately to the attention of TAXI dispatchers, who will take immediate measures to remedy the situation, including by permanently banning access to stations for incorrect taxi drivers.

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