Japan plans to open its borders to foreign tourists in June 2022!

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Kyodo writes that the Japanese authorities plan to resume the issuance of visas for foreign tourists in June. We remind you that the country has not issued tourist visas since the end of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government is currently considering this issue. As early as May, the first groups of foreign tourists can be admitted to Japan, but with special approval. Relatives of foreigners living in Japan in "exceptional cases" may also be allowed to enter.

Currently, only Japanese citizens, foreigners permanently residing in the country with long-term visas and diplomats can enter Japan. At the same time, there is an entry restriction - no more than 10.000 people a day.

The quarantine rules are also slightly complicated. Everyone must take a PCR test before traveling to Japan, and this must be negative. If you have three doses of vaccine, you will have to isolate yourself in accommodation for the first three days in the country, then take another test. If you are not vaccinated or have less than three doses, isolate yourself for 7 days in a special hotel. Pf! I have said that the rules are complicated.

However, although you may not be able to visit Japan as a tourist yet, the rules change regularly. Keep an eye out for updates and start planning your trip.

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