Coronavirus: KLM will launch the latest Boeing 747 in April 2020

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines accelerates the withdrawal of its latest Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft amid the Coronavirus crisis. The pandemic with the new COVID-19 led to the blockages of the borders, to strict travel conditions, and the passengers gave up traveling. In this context, KLM is forced to give up flights and retain most of the aircraft on the ground. And it will be withdrawing the latest Boeing 747 aircraft much faster.

Currently, KLM still operates 6 Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft, most of them over 20 years old. KLM has 2 types of 747 aircraft. The classic Boeing 747-400 model is fully configured for passengers and can carry up to 408 passengers. And the 747-400M, a combo version for passengers and cargo, which can carry up to 268 passengers. In 1989, KLM was the launch customer of the 747-400M.

KLM will retire the latest Boeing 747

Both will be withdrawn by the end of April 2020, but there are rumors that they will be withdrawn even faster, somewhere in late March. Only 3 Boeing 747-400F full cargo aircraft, which are operated by subsidiary Martinair Holland, will remain in commercial service.

boeing 747-400 klm

The history of Boeing 747 aircraft in the KLM fleet began in 1971, with the first 747-200 being received. KLM plans to end this tab in its history by retiring the latest Boeing 747 in 2021, 50 years later. Unfortunately, the current situation does not take into account anything. Escape who can.

Most airlines are forced to give up thousands of flights, hold hundreds of planes on the ground, and even withdraw some of them. Pandeami COVID-19 is booming.

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