LOT Polish Airlines will resume domestic flights from June 2020

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Starting with 1 June 2020, LOT Polish Airlines will resume domestic flights. It will initially fly to 8 airports in Poland. For the safety and comfort of passengers on board the aircraft, the #BezpiecznyLOT procedure, developed on the basis of the recommendations of the health inspector and international industry organizations, will be applied.

LOT Polish Airlines will resume domestic flights

For the beginning, flights will be operated on the following routes: Warsaw - Gdansk (3 flights / day); Warsaw - Krakow (1-2 flights / day), Warsaw - Poznan (1-2 flights / day), Warsaw - Rzeszow (1-2 flights / day), Warsaw - Szczecin (1-2 flights / day), Warsaw - Wroclaw (1-2 flights / day) and Warsaw - Zielona Gora (1-2 flights / day); Krakow - Gdansk (1 flight / day). Rates will start from 99 PLN / segment, no luggage.

What is #BezpiecznyLOT on the plane?

LOT Polish Airlines has implemented a number of rules and procedures for the safety and health of passengers and flight crews. Aircraft are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate-Air (HEPA) filters, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air. All the planes will be disinfected regularly.

Cabin personnel will wear masks and gloves. The mask is also mandatory for all LOT passengers. They must cover their mouth and nose throughout the flight.

As part of the on-board service, LOT will apply the "contactless" principle, limiting direct interaction between passengers and crew. Drinks and snacks will be served in individual packages.

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