Lufthansa also introduces the Internet to Airbus A320 aircraft

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The Internet has become an indispensable service. In some areas of Romania, the internet is more important than hot water. Until 2014, airlines prohibited the use of gadgets on board. Today they are preparing to launch high speed internet even on short and medium flights.

Lufthansa is one of the airline operators that has adapted now and offers high speed internet on long-haul flights. And from the fall of this year, the Airbus A320 family fleet of aircraft will receive non-essential technology to deliver the internet on board.


By the middle of 2018, all A319, A320, A321 aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet will offer on-board broadband internet. Lufthansa Technik is the first European STC certified company by EASA. This allows him to mount Ka band antennas on the A320 family.

Passengers will be able to access the Wi-Fi internet using their own mobile devices. In addition to basic browsing and email, the technology will support other applications, including video streaming.

The first aircraft was equipped in June. Functionality and stability tests follow. Starting with October 2016, Lufthansa passengers will be able to use the Internet on both short and medium flights.

Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik have also established a long-term partnership with Inmarsat. The aim of the partnership is to provide a modern, multifunctional platform on board and with broadband internet access. The Lufthansa Group, as well as airlines around the world, will benefit from this strong partnership.

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