The lights of the beacon system at the runway of Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport were turned on

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The lights of the beacon system at the runway of Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport were turned on on December 21, during a demonstration presentation.

On this occasion, a press conference was organized by Adrian-Ioan Veştea, the president of the Braşov County Council, Alexandru Anghel, the director of the Airport Implementation Department within the Braşov County Council, and Radu Mosor, the project manager from the Electrogrup - Electroprecizia AG SRL Association. implemented the beacon system.

The conference took place on the first floor of the passenger terminal, a suitable place to watch the lights on for the first time.

The execution works of the beacon and the guide wire on both directions for the runway of the Brasov International Airport are completed, and this evening, for the first time, the whole system is lit, within a technical test.

The beacon system helps aircraft to land even in low visibility conditions, up to only 175 meters of visibility along the runway. The lamps that make up the beacon system are intended to delimit the runway and airport traffic areas and to provide visual cues for pilots.

On the site of Ghimbav were installed both recessed lamps in the runway and above-ground lamps, which outline the perimeter of the runway, the runway and the embarkation-disembarkation platform.

Brasov Airport beacon system

From the point of view of the information that these lamps provide to pilots, there are several types of equipment:
• runway threshold lamps - which signal the beginning, respectively the end of the runway;
• lamps in the contact area - which signal the optimal area in which the aircraft must land;
• axial lights - which guide the aircraft to run on the runway; runway pocket lights;
• runway end lights; stop bar, return pocket and track lights.

All these lamps are ordered independently on each landing directive. They have lights of varying intensities and different colors, depending on their specificity and usefulness.

Beyond the end of the runway was installed the guide wire, consisting of pillars with horizontal bars, located at a distance of 900 meters from the threshold of the runway. The guidewire is a very important element in guiding aircraft pilots at night and in low visibility conditions. Its role is to help the crew focus on the direction of the runway and to provide visual guidance on the distance to the runway threshold.

The lamps placed on the poles within the guide wire make up the plane of the lights. The guide wire (respectively the approach light beacon system) is made with high-intensity, above-ground lamps, mounted on frangible rods at a maximum height of 1,8 meters or on frangible poles with a height of over 1,8 meters.
This system alone integrates 174 one-way lamps with white filter, 54 one-way lamps with red filter and 30 one-way white FLASH lamps.

Brasov Airport beacon system

The height of the pillars and the direction in which the lamps are oriented are calculated in such a way that, seen from above, the image forms a continuous plane, a carpet of lights that does not blind the pilots and ensures guidance in low visibility conditions.

Brasov International Airport has a beacon system with LED lamps, which ensures greater reliability in operation and low power consumption. The entire system is controlled by touchscreen equipment, with separate controls for each light segment.

The contract for the objective "Design and execution of Beacons - constructions and installations - stage III AIBG, design and execution of Track Band Development - stage III AIBG" was signed on November 3, 2019, with the Association Electrogrup - Electroprecizia AG SRL. The total value of the contract is 65.598.566,25 lei, of which 22.311.496,63 lei means the design and execution of the beacon.

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