The Baia Mare - London flights, scheduled with HiSky, will be operated with a TAROM aircraft!

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On December 18, the day HiSky was due to inaugurate the London Stansted - Baia Mare route, 100 passengers were stranded at London airport. HiSky has not received all the necessary permits to fly from London to Stansted.

To avoid inconvenience, HiSky leased a TAROM aircraft to operate scheduled flights. Flights Baia Mare - London will be operated by a TAROM aircraft until HiSky obtains all the necessary approvals.

The flight of HiSky Europe SRL, on the route London - Baia Mare, scheduled for today, December 22, 2021, departing from Stansted Airport (London) at 09:45 (local time UK) and landing at 14:15 (Romanian time ) at Maramureș International Airport, will be operated with a TAROM aircraft.

TAROM has the approval to operate the flight from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) UK. The flight will take place at the scheduled time and passengers are asked to arrive early at the airport.

The departure flight from Baia Mare to London will not be performed due to the low number of passengers. The 11 passengers who wanted to leave for London tomorrow were contacted and offered options to rerout or refund. Maramureș International Airport wishes all passengers a pleasant journey.

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