Lumiwings canceled flights to Craiova and Arad. Rumor has it that he would like to fly to Bucharest.

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In February 2021, it informs you about the new routes announced by Lumiwings, including those to Arad and Craiova. Company Lumiwings, which specializes in charter flights and originates in Greece, planned to fly from Forli, Emilia-Romagna in Italy, to destinations in Eastern Europe, including Romania.

At the time of announcing these routes, I mentioned the following: Now, if we look at the history of aviation, there have been such launches, but fewer and fewer have managed to be completed. Many airlines have promised flights from Italy to Romania, which you have never done before. It is hard to believe that this year, when the COVID-19 pandemic rules the planet, there will be Lumiwings flights from Italy to Craiova and Arad. We wish them clear skies and many flights, without restrictions.

We were skeptical about these routes to Arad and Craiova, given that the airport in Arad lost a lot of ground in front of the one in Timisoara, and from Craiova it flies to Italy with Wizz Air. And I seem to have been somewhat right.

But from the information received, Lumiwings did not give up the idea of ​​flying to Romania, but is concretely waiting for the application of the new travel measures between Italy and Romania, and their plan would be to fly to Bucharest, most likely from Perugia.

We will come back with information on this topic.

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