More Boeing 747s carry potatoes to Japan to fix McDonald's fries crisis

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American carrier Flexport Inc. will send three Boeing 747 cargo planes loaded with potatoes to Japan to solve the French fries crisis. McDonald's restaurants have been forced to reduce their portions of French fries due to insufficient supply, Bloomberg reports, quoted by Agerpres.

"Flexport has just signed a contract to send three Boeing 747s loaded with potatoes to Japan to help resolve the French fries crisisCEO Ryan Petersen said in a Twitter post, without giving further details.

On December 21, the McDonald's restaurant chain in Japan announced that by December 30, it will offer customers only small portions of french fries. Elimination of "medium" and "large" offers was necessary "to ensure that as many customers as possible continue to have access to our french fries", Informed the company then.

McDonald's has expressed hope that this supply problem, which affects Japan's 2.900 restaurants, will be resolved by New Year's Eve, adding that it is working on alternative delivery options such as airplanes.

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