NASA is developing a solar exploration plane for super discoveries on Mars!

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NASA's tiny Ingenuity helicopter was meant to make at least five flights to Mars, but it has made 70, exceeding all expectations. NASA plans to develop a larger, more powerful, and higher altitude craft on Mars.

The solar plane could fly a maximum of 170 km after a full charge and might be able to soar 1.000 meters above the Martian soil. It would be definitely bigger than the Ingenuity and with a clearly superior autonomy. MAGGIE (acronym for "Mars Aerial and Ground Intelligent Explorer") could make history on Mars.

This new plane could carry out three types of scientific missions on Mars: searching for water, understanding the source of the Red Planet's weak magnetic field, and searching for signals related to the presence of methane.

The project is still in its infancy, it is in the concept phase and it is not certain that it will be developed to the end, if it is not considered feasible.

A big advantage of the new giant, high-autonomy plane would be that, at least in theory, the entire surface of Mars could be mapped. One estimate would be that such a plane could cover more than 16.000 km in a Martian year (that is, two Earth years).

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