Irregularities in the operation of TAROM flights due to winter conditions

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The operation of TAROM flights is subject to change due to adverse weather conditions. TAROM announces irregularities for the first part of this day as follows:


RO 102 Bucharest -Cairo - Bucharest (landed in Sibiu)
RO 650 Cluj- Bucharest (landed on Constanta)
RO 415 Bucharest - Madrid will merge with RO 421 Bucharest-Barcelona
RO 315/316 Bucharest - Munich - Sibiu - Bucharest was canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions recorded at Munich airport, passengers being redirected to the flight RO311 / 312 Bucharest - Sibiu - Munich - Bucharest

Delays will be recorded for the following races:
Delays in the following races will be recorded:
RO 641 Bucharest-Cluj
RO701 Bucharest - Iasi
RO231 Bucharest-Budapest
RO703 Bucharest-Iasi
RO610 Timisoara - Bucharest
RO301 Bucharest-Frankfurt
RO730 Sibiu-Bucharest
RO810 Suceava-Bucharest
RO621 Bucharest-Oradea
RO602 Timisoara-Bucharest
RO293 Bucharest-Sofia
RO641 Bucharest-Cluj
RO620 Baia- Mare-Bucharest
RO651 Bucharest-Cluj
RO 391 London-Bucharest

The following races are canceled:
RO 611 / 612 Bucharest-Timisoara
RO 211 / 212 Bucharest-Budapest

All the passengers of the TAROM delays that register delays receive assistance from the company according to the European Regulation on the rights of passengers on air transport no. 261 / 2004.

The weather forecast for the next few hours does not indicate a significant improvement in the weather. Passengers are asked to contact the company, for information regarding the status of their flights, at the Call Center TAROM phone numbers: 9361 (valid for calls from Bucharest): + 4; + 4 021.303.44.00 and + 4021.303.44.44
TAROM company assures passengers that they make every effort to operate in accordance with the flight schedule, but only in safe conditions.

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