New health protection measures for customers of terraces and beaches in Romania, starting with June 1

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Starting with June 1, 2020, the activities of preparation, serving and consumption of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in specially arranged spaces outside the buildings of public catering units (terraces) are allowed and also the activities of operating tourist beaches are allowed.

The terraces and beaches in Romania are opening

Specific measures have been put in place to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in a first phase of restarting tourism activities. Thus, the measures are mandatory for all economic operators in the public catering sector and, respectively, for all economic operators or, as the case may be, administrators carrying out tourist beach operation activities.

Equally, all customers of terraces or tourist beaches on the Romanian coast have the obligation to respect them.


At the entrance there will be an observational triage, and the access of clients with visible symptoms of respiratory infection will be forbidden;

Economic operators in the food sector will ensure that at the entrance and to the toilets there are devices with approved biocidal products, necessary to disinfect the hands of customers, as well as informing them about how to use;

It is recommended to establish one-way circuits to be traveled by customers inside the terrace, so as to minimize contacts between customers (example: to and from the toilet);

It will be forbidden to transfer menus, salt shakers, olive trees and other objects from one table to another. They will be disinfected after customers leave a table and, where possible, disposable menus will be used;

Staff will wear masks and gloves

It is ensured that when serving the meal, the staff will wear a mask and gloves, and the gloves used for serving will not be used when preparing the meal;

It is forbidden to consume standing products, in order to minimize customer movement inside the terrace;

A maximum number of 4 customers is established who can occupy a table, provided that a distance of 1,5 meters between persons is observed, except for this rule are members of the same family, who have the same domicile;

It is ensured the observance of a distance of at least 2 meters between the occupants of the adjacent tables;

Occupancy of the seats will be done with prior reservation, so as to avoid congestion at the entrance to the unit and to facilitate the epidemiological investigation in case of a case of illness between local customers;

There will also be a register of customer reservations, so that in the event of a case of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection among customers of the food unit, there will be concrete data on which to conduct the epidemiological investigation;

It is ensured that the disinfection of the tables is carried out, after each client / group, with biocidal products that require a minimum contact time, approved by the National Commission for Biocidal Products.


Economic operators or administrators, as the case may be, have the obligation to place in a visible place the regulations of access and behavior on the beach and at the same time to ensure measures to respect a distance of 2 meters (left / right, front / back) between sunbeds that are used by people from different families;

Administrators will ensure access to the beach within the adopted capacity limits, while maintaining physical distance, discouraging overcrowding and limiting large meetings and will take measures to restrict access to the beach if the established capacity limits are exceeded and the physical distance cannot be maintained;

Access will be ensured by clearly signaled entry points and unidirectional, separate, entrance and exit colors will be established, with the signaling of the corresponding distances;

The reservation of the use of the beach for certain periods of time is made through an online or telephone reservation system and / or the adoption of strategic operating hours or flexible closing criteria;

Distance of at least 2 meters between people

A distance of at least 2 meters between persons (including employees) must be maintained at all times, except for members of the same family or if the safety of the basic activity requires a shorter distance (eg lifting heavy equipment);

Work areas (eg lifeguard chairs, towers) are arranged so that those providing services on the beach are at least 1,5 meters apart. Where spacing is not possible, provision should be made for the use of protective masks or the adoption of physical barriers, such as plastic / plexiglass panels;

The service of the clients will be done by the employed personnel of the concessioned beach, without the movement of the clients in the service points;

In the case of non-concessioned beaches, the local public administration will be responsible for maintaining the rules of physical distance and avoiding the formation of agglomerations;

Beach equipment (eg chairs, sunbeds, umbrellas) must be used individually, without this equipment being shared between people who are not members of the same household and, before and after each use, it must be cleaned and disinfected with approved biocidal products;

Toilets on the beach must be provided with suitable consumables for hygiene: water, soap, disinfectant with at least 60% alcohol, paper towels and trash cans without touch. Frequent cleaning and disinfection will be ensured;

No sports or leisure activities are allowed

Sports or leisure activities are not allowed except in spaces specially designed for this purpose, with the limitation of the number of people who do not belong to the same families;

The staff of the economic operator or the beach administrator, as the case may be, will wear a mask and will be provided with approved biocidal devices and products necessary for the disinfection of tourists' hands and information on how to use them.

If the epidemiological situation allows, the health safety measures adopted by the two normative acts will be evaluated and, in the perspective of the gradual restart of the activities in the field of tourism, respectively for the second phase scheduled for June 15, will be taken into account. other relaxation of restrictions.

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