Nolinor Aviation is forced to reintroduce the Boeing 737-200 aircraft to be able to land on gravel runways!

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Canada's Nolinor Aviation has announced the reintroduction of a Boeing 737-200 aircraft to its fleet. This action comes in response to the growing demand for efficient and robust aircraft capable of operating from gravel runways, particularly amid the recent spate of mining activity in Nunavut driven by growing global electrification efforts.

The 737-200, known for its adaptability to the difficult terrain of northern Canada, represents a significant investment for Nolinor Aviation. The Canadian company has six 737-200 aircraft with an average age of 44 years.

Over the course of seven months and at a cost of more than $3 million, the aircraft underwent extensive renovations. This specific model occupies a unique position in the aviation industry as the only one certified by Boeing for operations on gravel runways.

Nolinor reactivates Boeing 737-200 aircraft

"The 737 family has the unique ability to operate across Canada, enabling Nolinor to transport passengers and provide essential services to the remote northern regions said Charles Sullivan, president of Boeing Canada. "With the support of the global service team, we will continue to support the 737-200 throughout the life of the fleet."

Marco Prud'Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation, commented: “ The consensus among aviation experts is clear – the 737-200 remains the ideal choice to serve the difficult Nordic regions. During the pandemic, we strategically adjusted our fleet size, but we are now returning to our previous capacity. This reinstatement is a testament to our commitment to Nord and our confidence in the capabilities of the 737-200. With Boeing's continued support, we look forward to a long and sustainable operational future for this aircraft, spanning several decades."

In addition to fleet expansion, Nolinor Aviation is also working on other projects, with plans for future announcements. These developments are part of the company's broader strategy to adapt to evolving market demands and continue to provide specialty air transportation services to Canada's northern region.

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