NTSB wants video recorders in the cockpit

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The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been trying to deploy video recorders in the cockpit for more than 10 years. The Aviation Safety Investigation Agency has included the recommendation in its list of the most desired improvements in transport safety, which was published on 6 April.


The NTSB recommends that the Federal Aviation Administration require new commercial aircraft and operational equipment to be equipped with an "accident-protected cockpit image recording system."

US regulations require aircraft to have a flight data recorder (FDR) and a cockpit voice recorder (CVR), but no cockpit imaging devices.

"Such a video would have been extremely useful in determining the actions of the flight crew in the latest accidents recorded in Texas, Indonesia and Ethiopia.", Says NTSB.

In addition, the FAA should require all aircraft carriers carrying passengers and cargo to have safety management systems (SMS), which are organization-wide safety structures. The FAA has asked airlines to have SMS (safety management systems) since 2015.

Pilots' unions have long opposed cockpit video recorders, including the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA). ALPA refused the video recordings in the cabin because it would be a violation of privacy and privacy. ALPA said the images and videos provided "inaccurate" information and insisted investigators already had the tools to determine the causes of the accidents. ALPA recommends that the FAA and NTSB focus on improving current registration systems in a bid to make flights safer. But video recorders could distort reality.

"The FAA has a close working relationship with the NTSB, and the two agencies share a common goal of promoting aviation safety and preventing air accidents."Says the regulator. "The FAA takes the NTSB recommendations very seriously… ”. However, the FAA is in no hurry to impose video recorders in the cockpit, perhaps at most on board equipment, switches and aircraft screens.

What do you think? Would video recorders help the authorities investigate a plane crash?

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