A Flying-V model successfully operated the first real test flight (Video)

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, in collaboration with Technische Universiteit (TU) Delft, has successfully completed the first real test flight of the Flying-V aircraft model. We are talking about a model of the model Flying-V.

A team of researchers, engineers and a drone pilot from TU Delft have completed the testing of the design of the Flying-V aircraft, an aircraft model that wants to be energy efficient, with a futuristic look.

The Flying-V project was launched in June 2019. Before performing the first real test flight at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) airfield in Germany, the aircraft completed a series of ground tests in a wind tunnel in the Netherlands. .

Flying-V successfully operated the first real flight

Flying-V the first real test flight

As KLM claims in its statement, Flying-V was initially conceptualized as an aircraft project for the future. The aircraft could be compared to the latest generation Airbus A350 model, with many technical similarities. 

Although smaller than the A350, the Flying-V is the same size and could carry the same number of passengers and cargo as an A350 in a standard configuration.

The same wingspan will allow the Flying-V to easily use existing airport infrastructure, such as boarding gates and runways. At the same time, the aircraft will fit without problems in the same hangar as an A350.

TU Delft reveals that the design of the Flying-V will integrate the cargo compartment, the structure of the passenger seats and the fuel tanks in the wings. 

Computer calculations predicted that improved aerodynamic shape and reduced weight would reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to Airbus A350 consumption.

The propulsion of the Flying-V aircraft will be provided by 2 modern engines, which will be located on the upper part of the fuselage. In the Flying-V project, the engines are the most innovative. According to KLM, the aircraft will be equipped with the most efficient turbofan engines currently available.

"In its current design, the Flying-V still flies on kerosene, but can be easily adapted to use innovations in the propulsion system - for example, using electric impulse turbofans," the statement said.

KLM intends to officially present a full-scale model and a complete section of the Flying-V interior at the KLM Experience Days at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in October 2020.

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