[Blue Air offer] 20% discount on all flights (2 November 2016)

[Blue Air offer] 20% discount on all flights (2 November 2016)

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If it's the beginning of the month, it means we have promotion at Blue Air. Only today, 2 November 2016, you can benefit from 20% discount on all flights. The travel period may be between 2 November 2016 and 28 October 2017. You can plan your vacations this year and next year.

20% discount on all Blue Air flights

Thus, you can buy air tickets on domestic flights at prices starting from 48.99 lei / segment. This fare includes: luggage hold, hand luggage, catering on board.

Bucharest, Iasi and 49-lei-blue air

We simulated on the route Bucharest - Iasi, but you will find the same price for the other domestic routes. Including on flights to Constanța.

Oradea-constant-49-lei-blue air

Now is the time to plan en-aero-trip, similar to what Marius Gerber did.

On international routes, we found very good prices to most of the destinations in the Blue Air portfolio. We are interested in Spain, and the prices for Bucharest - Barcelona start from 97 lei / segment. An opportunity to welcome spring on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Bucharest-Barcelona-blue-air-lei-97 1

For those who want to get to Paris, you can find the same rate of 97 lei / segment.

Bucharest-Paris-97-lei-blue air

Take into account and the new Blue Air routes, which have already been announced by the end of this year or for 2017.

I increase search and planned vacations.

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