[Air France offer] Early Bird - discounts on plane tickets by up to 40%

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AIR FRANCE has launched the "Early Bird" campaign, reducing the price of airline tickets by an average of up to 40%. You can benefit from reduced prices to 51 destinations in South America, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa, the campaign being valid for tickets purchased until March 4, 2015 (for Africa, South America and the Caribbean) and until March 10 for destinations in Asia. The travel period is until the beginning of December 2015.

I looked through Air France offer and they caught my attention: Paris from 129 euro, Johannesburg from 519 EURO, Bangkok from 549 euro, Kuala Lumpur from 619 EURO, Sint Maarten from 799 euro.

129 EURO fare to Paris it is not new. We have met him before and we will certainly see him again. It is confirmed for trips made in April and May.

Bucharest - Johannesburg from 519 EURO it's a good offer. In our searches we also found 514 in combination Air France with KLM. I found the same fare at another airline. Here, such prices for South Africa are beginning to appear more and more often.


Bucharest - Sint Maarten from 799 euros it is a good offer, if we take into account that on February 10 the tariff was not less than 1100 EURO. I even found a price of 795. This offer is confirmed for the months - March, except for July. And it is more confirmed for KLM flights.


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