The Netherlands will lift COVID restrictions by the end of February 2022

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The Minister of Health of the Netherlands, Ernst Kuipers, announced that the country will remove most of the national restrictions on COVID-19, until February 25.

According to the minister, such a decision was made because the number of infections and hospitalizations in the country has decreased significantly in recent weeks. Speaking at a news conference in The Hague, Kuipers told reporters that the Netherlands will reopen, stressing that life will return to normal, as it was in the pre-pandemic period.

This means that all public places, including bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, and other locations, will be able to operate without limiting capacity or working hours. In addition, the minister also announced that the requirement to keep masks and rules of social distance will no longer be mandatory in public places.

"Keeping distance and wearing a mask remain reasonable, but there is no obligation." said the minister. However, it was explained that these two requirements will remain in force when visiting airports or any other form of public transport. In addition, the Minister advised everyone, especially vulnerable citizens, to continue and follow the basic rules, as the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet.

Even though the Netherlands has announced plans to ease national restrictions on COVID-19, the country still maintains entry rules. Travelers from all EU countries / Schengen area can enter the Netherlands without restrictions, provided they have proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative COVID-19 test result.

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