Paper airplanes - tutorials on how to build paper airplanes with children (Video).

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, I think the biggest challenge was for parents. Governments imposed measures for social distancing, blocked countries / localities and forced people to stay in homes. A statistic said that somewhere around 4.5 billion people have been locked down for a few days in April. And that's because the pandemic has gradually spread to every region, country and continent.

And parents and caregivers have gone through the hardest challenges. It's hard to explain to the little ones why they are not allowed outside, why they can't play with their friends, why they can't go to kindergarten. Every day, the little ones needed supervision and captivating actions to make it easier for them to get through this period.

Paper airplanes

We started writing some recommendations for this period in which #stay home. Don't forget to visit the zoos via live streaming!

And now we invite you to a practical activity. Build paper airplanes for children / with children. It is a fun, complex and creative activity. The more models you make, the more the little ones will be attracted to this concern.

5 models of paper airplanes

The Simplu - that model of plane that we all tried as a child. Come on, you remember him.

The Classic - it is an easy plane to make, without too much effort. It also has a better flight autonomy :).

The Aerodynamic - this is our favorite model. It's the supersonic of paper planes

The Arrow - a model similar to the aerodynamic one, but in a different technique.

The Concord - aerodynamic and arrow together, plus the elegance of a Concorde.

BONUS: The model Long-Courier with stabilizer 🙂 - something more complicated to do, but not impossible. The more the challenge of the little ones will be greater.

We did them all, we played, so I recommend you to play too. You can also find more models at

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