Visit 13 zoos online through live streaming (VIDEO LIVE)

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The Coronavirus pandemic has spread worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of cases, thousands of deaths, millions of people directly and indirectly affected by the new COVID-19. The tourism industry is on the ground, as is civil aviation. And people are isolated in their homes in the hope of breaking the chain of infections.

In these troubled times for humanity, we must maintain our calm and optimism. Maybe it's time to log out of daily news, mostly about the new coronavirus, and travel online through 13 zoos around the world.

Currently, many of these zoos are closed, but the animals have the most comfortable treatment from carers. Thus, you can see panda bears, koala bears, penguins, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, pelicans, fish and many other wildlife.

List of zoos with live streaming

  1. Edinburgh Zoo (UK) - LIVE
  2. Marwell Zoo (UK) - LIVE
  3. Dublin Zoo (Ireland) - LIVE
  4. San Diego Zoo (USA) - LIVE
  5. Houston Zoo (USA) - LIVE
  6. Living Coast Wild Planet (UK) - LIVE
  7. Paignton Zoo (UK) - LIVE
  8. Smithsonian's National Zoo (USA) - LIVE
  9. Parking Garage at Clearwater Marine Aquarium (USA) - LIVE
  10. Reid Park Zoo (USA) - LIVE
  11. Chattanooga Zoo (USA) - LIVE
  12. Monterey Bay Aquarium (USA) - LIVE
  13. Kansas Zoo (USA) - LIVE

Bear Panda

We believe that "walking" online through these zoos will help you move faster during periods of isolation or self-isolation at home, especially if you have children.

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