Unirii Passage in Bucharest is closed to road traffic for two months for consolidation

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Road traffic in the Union Passage in Bucharest will be stopped, starting with Sunday, June 19, for two months, as a result of the beginning of the works for its consolidation and safety. The announcement was made by the City Hall of Sector 4. The traffic in the area will be reconfigured, following that the drivers, who until now crossed the area through the underground passage, will transit Unirii Square over it.

The passage is in an advanced state of degradation. In the first stage, the necessary works will be carried out to secure the objective. The safety work will be carried out simultaneously in both directions, and the teams will work both during the day and at night.

Specifically, this construction is classified as technical condition IV - unsatisfactory, which means that it has serious deficiencies in the resistance structure, which endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Sector 4 and beyond. According to the latest traffic data, the tunnel is crossed daily by about 60.000 cars, informs Hotnews.ro.

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