Boeing 737-800 UTAir plane crash, UT579 flight

The first day of September comes with excitement for UT579 flight passengers, which was operated with a Boeing 737-800 UTAir. Upon landing at Sochi, the aircraft passed the runway threshold and stopped in the riverbed.

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The beginning of September comes with a plane crash, which took place in Sochi. The Boeing 737-800 UTAir aircraft, which operates the UT579 flight, burst into flames after landing in Sochi.

Specifically, due to adverse weather conditions, the pilots could not brake in time, and the plane exceeded the runway threshold and stopped in the riverbed. The left engine of the aircraft burst into flames, and passengers were immediately evacuated.

Boeing 737-800 UTAirr plane crash

There were 170 people, 164 passengers and 6 crew members. Fortunately, the Sochi airport intervention crews managed to put out the fire, and the passengers all escaped alive. There are 18 injured, some in a worse condition, 4 among them requiring hospitalization. There is also a passenger with a broken column. International media reports that an airport employee, who was helping the rescue operation, died from a heart attack.

From the information available, it appears that the pilots of the Boeing 737-800 (VQ-BJI) UTAir, which flew from Moscow to Sochi, have repeatedly tried to land. Due to the very strong wind, initially the landing approach from the 02 runway to the 06 track was changed, then there was a "" landing landing "and a go-around, and the 3 attempt was the one with the holes.

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accident-aircraft-Boeing 737-800-1-UTair

Due to gusts of wind and rain, the aircraft passed the runway threshold, the landing gear failed, and the left engine caught fire. The plane ran to the riverbed of a nearby river. Authorities have opened an investigation to determine the causes and factors that led to the plane crash.

The Boeing 737-800 (VQ-BJI) UTAir aircraft was 15.8 years old. It was configured in a class with 186 seats. The propulsion was provided by 2 CFMI engines CFM56-7B26. As a result of the accident, the plane suffered major damage, leading to its crash.

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