Stories with people: An LATAM flight attendant received overwhelming news during a flight

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During a flight, an LATAM flight attendant received overwhelming news. The commander of the aircraft announced through a public announcement that he was promoted to co-pilot status.


It's about Cristiane, a young stewardess of LATAM. The news received excited her visibly, and the passengers applauded. Cristiane will occupy the right seat in the cockpit at LATAM, one of the largest in South America.

An escort attendant LATAM, promoted co-pilot

Along with it, 10 other people enjoyed the same wonderful news, which will change their course in their careers. Rafael, one of those people, was a flight dispatcher at the Campo Grande airport. He was congratulated and announced the new position by the commander of an aircraft that had just taken off.

We congratulate them, from thousands of miles away. The two, along with 9 other colleagues, are part of the first LATAM pilot class of 2020. The 11 are LATAM employees and promoted within the company.

Exciting moments that deserve to be fully experienced. And in Romania there are many people in aviation, who held different positions within airlines and became pilots. Aviation gives the feeling!

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