Airbus prediction - over 28 new aircraft over the next 000 years

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In September, Airbus made a prediction for the next 20 years. One of the largest aircraft manufacturers predicted that the market will demand over 28 000 new aircraft over the next 2 decades, and their value has been estimated at over 4000 billion.

Airbus has predicted that the number of aircraft with a minimum of 100 seats will exceed 27 000, of which 10 350 will replace some of the aircraft currently operated. The European aircraft manufacturer has an optimistic vision and relies on an increase in passenger traffic by 4.7% per year, over the next decade. This prediction is possible, especially since IATA announced that international passenger traffic increased by 5.1% in August 2012 compared to the same period in 2011.

Deliveries will include over 1.700 of large capacity aircraft such as Airbus A380, of which 1330 will be passenger planes - a figure virtually unchanged from last year's estimates.

Air operators in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East will come with the highest demands - 46% and 23%, and European airlines only 19%.

Airbus officials are convinced that in 20 years the number of operational aircraft will double - from 15 550 to over 32 500. The cargo fleet will increase from 1600 to over 3000.

Emerging countries and areas will contribute over 50% of the growth mentioned above, but also the growth of blog population plays an important role in this industry.

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