List prices of Airbus aircraft for 2017

Airbus aircraft increased by 1%

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These days, Airbus has released the price list for commercial aircraft. Comparing prices with 2016, we see a slight increase of about 1%.

The prices are general, but do not reflect the actual prices paid by the airline operators. Depending on the number of aircraft ordered, prices may fall or even increase depending on other commercial factors.

Airbus family in flight

Next, A318 (babybus as it is called) has the lowest price of 75.9 millions of dollars. While the Airbus A380 has the highest price of 436.9 millions of dollars. Also on the list is Airbus A350-800, the smallest version of the A350 XWB family, although it has not been too successful, the price of such an airplane being 275.1 millions of dollars.

Airbus aircraft at list price:

A318: 75,9 million dollars
A319: 90.5 million dollars
A320: 99.0 million dollars
A321: 116.0 million dollars
A319neo: 99.5 million dollars
A320neo: 108.4 million dollars
A321neo: 127.0 million dollars
A330-200: 233.8 million dollars
A330-800 (neo): 254.8 million dollars
A330-200F (cargo): 237.0 million dollars
A330-300: 259.0 million dollars
A330-900 (neo): 290.6 million dollars
A350-800: 275.1 (Asiana Airlines did not cancel the order) millions of dollars
A350-900: 311.2 million dollars
A350-1000: 359.3 million dollars
A380: 436.9 million dollars

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