The first high-speed trains Intermodalidad de Levante SA, model ETR1000 / Zefiro V300, were assembled

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ILSA (Intermodality of Levante SA), the first private high-speed rail operator in Spainannounces the departure of its first three from the factory trains from a lot of 23 model Frecciarosa 1000 (ETR 1000 Series).

In the coming weeks, trains will travel from Italy to Spain to begin the approval process. Once this process is completed, the trains will be able to enter the operational service. Company intends to start operations with these trains in the second half of 2022.

ILSA's operations will account for 30% of Spain's high-speed market

ILSA's operations will account for 30% of Spain's high-speed market, connecting in a first phase destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Alicante, Córdoba and Malaga. Subsequently, it intends to open other routes in the country and in Europe.

The Frecciarosa 1000 train, named after the operator, is the Zefiro V300, manufactured by the Hitachi Rail alliance in collaboration with Bombardier Transportation (now the Alstom group). It can travel at 360 km / h, being the fastest commercial speed in Europe. The new trains incorporate the most advanced technology for a maximum level of reliability in operation and passenger comfort. It is the fastest, most durable and quietest train in Europe.

ETR1000 is an interoperable train in different European countries, has a length of 200 meters and a capacity of 467 seats.

It is the first high-speed train in the world to obtained EDP with quantified and verifiable information on its impact on the environment of only 28 grams of CO2 / passenger / kilometer . 95% of its materials are recyclable and have other characteristics that strengthen its qualification as the most environmentally friendly train on the market. In terms of safety, it incorporates the most advanced speed control system: ERTMS / ETCS.

It also has an interior designed to offer passengers greater comfort: wide colors, ergonomic seats with extra space, the latest innovations in noise and vibration isolation and next-generation 5G connectivity.

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