Qatar Airways enters metaverse with "QVerse" and the world's first "MetaHuman" cabin crew

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Qatar Airways has entered the metavers, launching QVerse, a new virtual reality (VR) experience for visitors to the airline's website.

Site users they can now visit and virtually navigate the premium check-in area at Hamad International Airport (HIA), inside the aircraft cabin, including the Business-Qsuite class and the Economy Class cabin, using their own personal electronic devices (PED).

Qatar's national carrier is also the first global airline to introduce a MetaHuman cabin crew that provides an interactive digital customer experience.

The experience was developed using Epic Games' Unreal Engine, the world's most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, and MetaHuman Creator, a cloud-based application for creating high-fidelity digital people.

Qatar Airways is the first global airline to introduce a MetaHuman cabin crew with a digitally created high-fidelity 3D human model called "Sama" - whose name is of Arabic origin and translates to "sky".

"Sama" offers an interactive experience, taking visitors through a virtual world of discovery, while presenting the unique features in both Business and Economy Class booths through a narrated scenario.

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