QNAP has launched Qgenie - multifunctional pocket NAS

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QNAP has launched QGenie, Mobile NAS which integrates an SSD and a 3000mAh battery, offering 7 important and useful functions in everyday digital activity. The miniature device allows file storage, powering of mobile devices, sharing the Internet connection and more.

With a compact design, Qgenie fits perfectly in your pocket, being a flexible and mobile NAS solution, which extends wireless storage space for mobile devices. The OLED display clearly informs the owner of the battery and system status, available storage capacity, wireless network and more.


When they need more space on their phone or tablet for photos, music and apps, users can transfer some of the data to Qgenie. They can use myQNAPcloud services and Qsync and Qfile mobile applications, while also creating a private cloud where they can save, share and sync files stored on Qgenie.

Users can save data from Android and iOS devices to Qgenie with the Qfile mobile app, protecting important information. Qfile allows a backup of the contacts book for future restoration.

With a built-in 3000mAh battery, Qgenie can run for more than 10 hours, long enough to cover a day's work schedule. It can also serve as an external battery for mobile devices with a conversion rate of up to 90% and 7 circuit protection mechanisms: overload protection, overloading under a certain limit, high temperature, short circuit, overvoltage and current overcurrent and advanced support for SDP / DCP modes.

A Qgenie device with a fully charged battery pack can provide 1,5 USB or battery capacity of an average smartphone via USB. At the same time, Qgenie can function as a wireless access point for sharing your wired internet connection, using your phone or a LTE / 4G / 3G stick.

When connected to a PC or Mac via the 3.0 USB interface, Qgenie transforms into a portable and high-performance SSD, providing a transfer speed of 120MB / s for reading and 40MB / s for writing.

Qgenie can also function as an add-on to an existing Turbo NAS. Users can copy the files from one Turbo NAS on Qgenie or vice versa with a single click, calling the copy function via USB. The data can also be accessed using the Qfile mobile application.

The Qgenie is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, offering flexibility in file storage and sharing.

Main specifications QNAP Qgenie:

600 MHz processor
USB Port 3.0
Built-in battery (3000mAh)
LAN port
SD card support
OLED screen

The 7 features offered by Qgenie:

Pocket NAS
Private cloud
Backup the phone book
External battery
Wireless access point
Media server in the car
External SSD with USB 3.0

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