Audience Record at BIAS 2017: Over 160 000 Spectators!

Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition, the largest air show in Romania managed to attract, on Saturday, July 22, on Bucharest International Airport Baneas - Aurel Vlaicu, over 160.000 spectators!

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BIAS 2017 was organized by the National Airports Company of Bucharest, the Romanian Air Club, the Romanian Air Force, ROMAERO, ROMATSA and the AIBO Sports Club.

The 9 edition, of the largest aviation show in Romania, this year recorded a new audience record at Baneasa Airport. Even on the heat, the estimates showed that on the airport platform were present simultaneously, during the 18.00-21.00 time interval, over 80.000 of spectators who came to the air show.

Audience record at BIAS 2017

"We managed to successfully organize the largest aviation event in Romania and for this I thank all the CNAB employees involved in this project, our partners and other organizers within the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Economy.

I also thank the spectators, the state institutions - Transport Police, Border Police, Customs, SRI, ISU - mass media and aviation enthusiasts who have been close to us and have permanently supported us in organizing this project, BIAS 2017 ”, said Bogdan-Stelian Mîndrescu, the general director of the National Company Bucharest Airports.

At BIAS 2017, the civil and military aviation aces from Romania, but also from Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Greece, Austria and Lithuania delighted the audience at Baneasa Airport with amazing aerial acrobatics and elite demonstrations, but and with aircraft exposed to the ground.

BIAS 2017 reunited 100 of civilian and military aircraft in aerial evolutions and exposed to the public, but also over 200 of elite pilots and paratroopers.

Even for the foreign pilots who arrived on Saturday, BIAS 2017 was one of the best organized aviation shows to attend, the event also respecting the strictest standards in the field.

"I have participated in many aviation meetings, but this is by far the best organized of all. I congratulate the organizers! ” said Andy Fuchs, from the German Air Force, at the trophy award ceremony for participants.

"We felt great at BIAS, everything was at the highest level and we hope to return to the next editions" added Rafal Pinkovski, the representative of the Polish Air Force.

Personally, I can say that BIAS 2017 was well organized. The exhibition included military and civilian aircraft, as well as all kinds of aviation related activities. There were covered areas for VIPs, posters, press, but also for the general public.

He was standing in line for drinks and food, but that's always the crowd. Perhaps in the future a more efficient solution will be found in managing orders and receipts. This is not about the organizers, but about those who provide the food part.

The program of the aviation show was interesting. It included many military aircraft, there were spectacular developments during the day and in the twilight, but it seemed that it lacked that large acrobatic formation around which the event was homogenized. The F-16 Romanian Air Force was the star of the show, but it wasn't enough!

Otherwise, all the respect for those involved in the organization, for the pilots who are in the cockpit of the aircraft, for the technicians, for all those who contributed to the smooth running of the BIAS 2017 show. I know that great efforts are being made to organize the event.

Let's see you with the same enthusiasm in 2018, at the 10 edition!

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