Repatriation flights from Bucharest for Indians working in Ukraine

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Tomorrow, February 26, 2022, at Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest, at 9:00 and 12:00, respectively, two repatriation flights for Indian citizens working in Ukraine, at the moment of the start of the military conflict with Russia, will take off.

Indian citizens are being transported by several Siret customs buses and escorted by the Border Police. At the airport, Indian citizens will have at their disposal a special designated flow and an area dedicated to border control. For fluidization, the processing will be carried out in stages, with citizens belonging to a bus.

The flights will be operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft of Air India, which will take off for Delhi and Mumbai, respectively. 235 passengers will be loaded on board each aircraft.

The Bucharest Airports National Company has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that the processing of passengers takes place in the best conditions. To this end, the airport's own staff has been supplemented and additional handling and control staff have been requested. Please note that take-off times are subject to change. Please note that the processing of other passengers will not be affected by this special situation.

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