The Republic of Moldova will request a PCR test of COVID-19 upon entry into the country or isolation 14 days, from March 5

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The Border Police informs the citizens about the latest changes stipulated in the CNESP Decision no. 48 of March 4, 2021 on the rules of entry into the Republic of Moldova, both for compatriots and for foreign citizens. The new rules come into force tomorrow, March 05, at 00:00.
Persons crossing the state border on the way to enter the Republic of Moldova must complete the epidemiological file, as well as sign the declaration on their own responsibility to comply self-isolation regime of 14 (fourteen) days, in the determined places. In the case of minors up to 14 years of age, the epidemiological file and the declaration on their own responsibility are completed and signed by the legal representative or companion.
The following categories of persons are exempted from the self-isolation measure if they do not show clinical signs of respiratory infection or fever:
1) children aged 5 years or less;

Exception from isolation for those with a COVID-19 PCR test

2) persons, who have the result of the negative PCR COVID-19 test, performed no more than 72 hours before boarding (for those traveling by public transport) or entering the territory of the Republic of Moldova (for those traveling by their own means of transport). Confirmation must be submitted in one of the Romanian, English, French or Russian languages.

3) drivers and service personnel of road haulage vehicles and road passenger transport vehicles for a fee, who have more than 9 seats, including the driver's seat, crews and service personnel of aircraft / ships and brigades and personnel service of train sets.

4) persons traveling for health or humanitarian reasons, including the accompanying person, as appropriate (with presentation of confirmatory documents).

5) pupils / students, who are to take exams, who go to study in educational units / institutions on the territory of the Republic of Moldova or abroad, or who travel for activities related to the completion / organization / development of studies, international competitions or Olympics, with presentation of confirmatory documents. The exception also applies to the legal representative or attendant appointed by the legal representative.

6) persons traveling in professional interest, proven by visa, residence permit or other confirmatory document, which includes the invitation and / or the contract concluded with a legal person resident in the Republic of Moldova.

7) persons traveling abroad for professional interest and on return to the country present the confirmation of the delegation abroad issued on behalf of the resident legal entity of the Republic of Moldova based on the invitation or contract concluded with the economic agent abroad or delegation order issued by public institutions of the Republic of Moldova.

Exception from isolation: cross-border workers entering the Republic of Moldova from Romania or Ukraine

8) cross-border workers entering the Republic of Moldova from Romania or Ukraine, as well as those from the Republic of Moldova employees of economic agents from the mentioned countries, who prove the contractual relations with the respective economic agents.

9) holders of diplomatic, service, official and special passports and others assimilated to them - established according to Annex no. 2 to Government Decision no. 765 of September 18, 2014, including family members of diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations / missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova and / or personnel involved in providing humanitarian aid.

10) athletes traveling for the purpose of participating in international sports competitions and training camps, as well as members of sports delegations or their companions (parents or legal representatives of minor children).
11) people in transit. 

12) the persons who are summoned by the courts / law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Moldova, as well as their legal representatives, proven by confirmatory documents in this respect.

13) persons holding a certificate of administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. Confirmation must be submitted in one of the Romanian, English, French or Russian languages.

14) persons who were not allowed to enter the neighboring state (Romania or Ukraine) through road crossing points or persons who were not authorized to leave the Republic of Moldova or were not authorized to remove goods and other goods.

People in self-isolation / quarantine may discontinue this regimen after the 10th day if they perform a COVID-19 PCR test and the result is negative.

At the same time, we remind you that the transit of the territory of the Republic of Moldova is carried out directly, without stopping, through the following lanes established between the state border crossing points:

  • a) Chisinau International Airport, by air - Leuseni-Albita, road;
  • b) Chisinau International Airport, by air - Palanca-Maiaki - Udobnoe, by road;
  • c) Chisinau International Airport, air - Tudora - Starokazacie, road;
  • d) Chisinau International Airport, air - Criva-Mamaliga, road;
  • e) Giurgiulești-Galați, road - Giurgiulești-Reni, road.

Currently, the Republic of Moldova is on Romania's yellow list, which means COVID-19 test and 10-day isolation for all those traveling by air from the Republic of Moldova to Romania.

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