Follow the travel rules imposed by each country and region. DO NOT try to fake them!

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It has been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic is present in our lives, of everyone on the planet. It has been more than a year since the team informs you from reliable, official and verified sources about everything that aviation and tourism mean in these times hard tried by the new coronavirus.

Observe the restrictive and travel measures imposed by each country of destination

For more than a year we have been writing about all the measures and restrictions imposed by every country and region in Europe, but also around the world. We have always recommended that you follow them, fill in all the necessary forms and have all the documents to be able to travel in accordance with the requirements imposed by the authorities of each country.

PCR test is not equal to antigen test or rapid test

When a country requests a PCR test done 48 hours or 72 hours before entering that country, follow this requirement exactly. The time is calculated from harvest to entry into the destination country, not from the time you receive the result. When a PCR test is requested, it must be NEGATIVE. And do not seek to buy forged evidence because you choose to have a criminal record, fines and imprisonment for forgery.

Each country communicates clearly and concisely what measures must be followed by travelers eager to cross its border. If it says PCR test, then PCR test should be, not antigen, not fast test. If it is communicated that it is accepted, PCR / antigen / rapid test, then you can do any of the 3 tests.

Famous Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

If a country requests the completion of a location form, the famous Passenger Locator Shape (PLF), then fill in correctly and in accordance with the requirements of the country of destination. Greece is one of the countries that will demand this even in the tourist season Passenger Locator Shape (PLF).

If a country requests any other measures on entry or before the trip, follow these measures. We know that many do not want this, but it is their rules and they have every right to impose what measures they want. Each country is sovereign within its borders and can accept or reject any citizen, whether it is the EU, Europe, the USA, Russia or other states and continents. This is not about rights and rights violations.

If someone close, a relative or acquaintance tells you that the measures are not in place, even though the country officials are requesting them, we recommend that you do not follow those people. They may have been lucky, but you can be fined and even receive harsher sanctions. Carefully study border requests, internally applied restrictive measures and exceptions.

No one forbids you to travel as long as you follow all the measures

In these complicated and uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no one forbids you to travel as long as you respect all the measures applied by each country or territory, including Romania and any other country in this world. Travel informed and assume the facts. Find out from official sources and trusted publications. If something is suspicious, look for information from other sources. Fake News circulates faster than the truth, but it's up to you to filter the information and give credence.

As for "I did not know, I did not understand", these excuses do not apply to the border. Those entitled to enforce the law have clear missions set by the authorities. We have centralized all the information on restrictions in Europe, having as official source the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Learn from the mistakes of others and do not repeat them.

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