Rumor: Boeing 797 will have cockpit for pilot

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Between 17-23 June 2019 will take place of the 53 edition of the Aeronautical and Space Salon, known as the Paris Air Show. As part of this aeronautical event, Boeing's new Midsize Airplane (NMA) is expected.

Specialists in the field have hypothesized that the new model will be called Boeing 797. And analysts do not rule out the new aircraft being configured with a cockpit for a pilot.

Due to the pilot crisis, more and more companies in the industry are advocating for cockpit-pilot airplanes. And the second pilot is supposed to be on the ground and will be able to monitor more aircraft. This would mean a reduction of the expenses with the navigating personnel, but at the same time the responsibilities for pilots will increase.

Cockpit for a pilot

However, Charles Toups (vice president of Boeing Research and Technology) said that it would take some time before a pilot's aircraft could be introduced on passenger flights.

He mentions that the idea of ​​a cockpit with a pilot could be implemented, initially, on cargo flights. Later, after many years, to take the commercial flights with people. Passengers need time to be convinced that everything is safe. Would you board a single-man plane?

But it will be a long time before we can see the new Boeing 797. Taking into account the problems encountered by 737 MAX, we conclude that Boeing will not rush into the delivery of the new model.

Also because of the limited time, Rolls-Royce has announced that it will not deliver engines for the new Boeing 797. Thus, Pratt & Whitney and CFM International remained in the race to motorize the new model.

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