Russia bans airlines in 36 countries

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Airlines will be able to enter Russian airspace only with a special permit.

Moscow: Russia has announced it is banning flights from airlines from 36 countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany. This decision comes in response to a series of bans on its aircraft.

The statement came as Russian airlines could not enter the airspace of almost all of Europe. Following this decision, Canada has also decided to close its airspace to Russia.

Russia's list includes Jersey, which is a dependency of the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar, a British overseas territory.

"Introducing restrictions in retaliation for European states banning civil aviation flights operated by Russian or Russian-registered airlines". - Statement by the Russian Civil Aviation Authority.

Russia banned British airlines last week after Britain banned Aeroflot.

List of countries whose companies can no longer fly to Russia this:

Austria; Albania; Anguilla (a British overseas territory); Belgium; Bulgaria; British Virgin Islands; UK; Hungary; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Denmark (including Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Territorial Sea); Jersey; Ireland; Iceland; Spain; Italy; Canada; Cyprus; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Lower Countries; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Finland; France; Croatia; Czech Republic; Sweden, and Estonia.

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