RYANAIR changes the cabin baggage policy, applicable from 1 November

From November, RYANAIR will apply the new cabin baggage policy. Those who will not have priority on boarding will be entitled to only one hand luggage, the small variant.

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For a long time I praised the hand luggage policy applied by RYANAIR. It is one of the few airlines, which left you free with 2 hand luggage on boarding: a small luggage (purse, photo bag / laptop, backpack) and standard luggage.

Because no more than 80-90 of standard size luggage (55x40x20cm) can fit in the cockpit, RYANAIR applies the following baggage policy: only passengers with priority on boarding could take both luggage in the cabin; the rest of the passengers entitled to 2 handpieces, but one went to the hold during embarkation.

RYANAIR changes cabin baggage policy

In other words, you could take 2 hand luggage (the small and the standard size), but it was up to you whether you wanted to have them both in the cabin by purchasing priority on boarding or giving the standard size to the hold.

And here is RYANAIR making a further change in the regulation of hand luggage. After 1 November, QOnly the small hand luggage will be included in the standard ticket price. If you buy the "Priority Boarding" service (costs 6 € / £ at the time of booking; 8 € / £ service added after booking the ticket), you have the right to board with the 2 hand luggage (the largest with 55x40x20cm and 10kg the small one), as at present.

If you do not want Priority Boarding, but still want the second hand luggage, of size 55x40x20cm and 10 kg, you also get out of pocket 8 € / £. But you have to drop him off at the airport check-in offices. So it is more convenient to add the Priority Boarding service, only that this will be limited to 80-90 seats.

The new luggage policy will be applied by RYANAIR starting with 1 November and will also apply to tickets sold after 1 September 2018. According to RYANAIR, only 40% of the company's passengers could be affected by this new baggage policy. Currently, 30% of passengers buy Priority Boarding service, and 30% of passengers only travel with small hand luggage.

The new hand luggage policy could speed up boarding and reduce delays. It is true that everything is about the financial side and profitability.

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