RYANAIR will close its Frankfurt base due to rising airport fares

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RYANAIR confirmed today (Friday, January 7) that it will close its base in Frankfurt on March 31, 2022. The base's five aircraft have been relocated to airports with lower fares and are stimulating the recovery of air traffic.

In a post-Covid recovery phase, airports need to stimulate the recovery of passenger traffic. Unfortunately, Frankfurt, instead of providing incentives for traffic recovery, has chosen to raise prices even further, making Frankfurt International Airport no longer of interest to RYANAIR.

While Ryanair continues to invest in Germany (as evidenced by a $ 200 million investment in the Nuremberg base), the German government continues to protect old and local carriers such as Lufthansa, which have absorbed 9 billion euros. in state aid.

Ryanair continues to invest in the European operational network, allocating an additional 65 new Boeing 737 8-200 "Gamechanger" aircraft. There are plenty of opportunities in Europe that RYANAIR will take advantage of, while other airlines continue to reduce both their fleets and their transport capacity.

Unfortunately, all pilots and cabin crew assigned to the Ryanair base at Frankfurt Airport are today receiving a notification of the closure of the base at the end of March 2022. They can opt to relocate to other bases within the Ryanair network. There is a demand for aircrew in Europe as RYANAIR accelerates the growth of post-COVID-19 air traffic.

All Ryanair passengers affected by these flight cancellations will receive notifications and refunds in the coming days.

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