SalamAir operated the first commercial flight between Muscat and Salalah

Muscat - Dubai with SalamAir, from 15 February 2017!

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SalamAir is a low cost carrier from Oman. I also told you about this carrier in the autumn of last year, when it received the first aircraft. On 18 November 2016, first Airbus A320 (A4O-OVA) SalamAir came to Muscat. This delivery coincided with the National Day of Oman.

Initially, SalamAir wanted to start operations by the end of 2016. But this happened on 30 January 2017, with the operation of the first commercial flight on the route Muscat - Salalah. As mentioned above, flights are honored in low-cost mode.

SalamAir operated the first commercial flight

From February 15, SalamAir will also start operations on the route Muscat - Dubai. The only unknown date is the route Muscat - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Government projections show a significant demand for air traffic in the region, with estimates up to 40% to 2019. These statistics encourage the development of the SalamAir carrier. At the same time, the internal competition will lead to better tariffs for passengers, but also to the development of ground and air services.


At the moment, SalamAir has very good prices for the routes already announced. For example, on the Muscat - Salalah route the fare starts at OMR 30 (USD 78), while Oman Air charges from OMR 67 (USD 174). In the end, it is natural for there to be tariff differences between low-cost and full-service companies.

In the region, SalamAir will have to compete on certain routes with different carriers, such as: Air Arabia, Etihad Airways, Emirates, flyDubai, Oman Air, Rotana Jet and Qatar Airways. But no one charges fares like SalamAir.

It is likely that over time, depending on supply and demand, traditional air carriers will adjust the prices for common routes with the new low-cost carrier in Oman.

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