Is Baneasa Bucharest Airport still open or not?

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In the summer of 2019, I published the article announcing that Baneasa International Airport will be reopened to air passenger traffic. But the airport still needed some modernization work, which in theory lasted 6 months. And in the spring of this year, the first passenger planes were to fly.

And I was looking forward to the resumption of operations at Băneasa airport. But what to see? They still don't resume. And this is because the works have not been completed and there is no hope that they will be ready before October 2020.

Minister Lucian Bode together with Gheorghe Popescu, honorary adviser to the Prime Minister; Ionuț Stroe, the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Secretary of State Ionel Scrioșteanu visited today, May 6, 2020, Corps A and B plus the Roundabout of Băneasa Airport.

Regarding the rehabilitation and refunctionalization of the interiors of Corps A and B, but also the Rotunda from Bucharest Băneasa - Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, there is a physical stage of the works of over 25%. Objective whose design and execution contract amounts to 55.524.200 lei + VAT.

In the conditions of postponing the organization of the European Football Championship 2020, the strategy of finalizing in the first phase bodies A and B was abandoned and all the works provided in the contract were started. Thus, according to the work schedule, the deadline is set for October 2020.

So we still have to wait until the resumption of commercial flights from Bucharest Băneasa - Aurel Vlaicu International Airport.

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