KLM Wannagives and Bucharest - Amsterdam

KLM Wannagives service for flights departing from Bucharest

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At the end of the 2013 year, KLM launched the service KLM Wannagives - gifts on board aircraft, about which I wrote to you at that time. Initially, the service was available on intercontinental and longer flights from Europe. This month, the KLM Wannagives service is also available for flights departing from Bucharest.

If a loved one travels with KLM on the Bucharest - Amsterdam route, you can order in advance a gift from the website wannagives.klm.com, to be delivered directly on board during the flight. You can choose from a variety of duty-free products, from a glass of champagne to sweets and cosmetics.

To celebrate the launch of this service on flights departing from Bucharest, AirlinesTravel thought to surprise you on the plane, of course in complicity with KLM. If you fly with KLM on the route Bucharest - Amsterdam, in period 9-15 martie 2015, or you know loved ones who chose the Dutch company in the above mentioned range, leave a comment with name and flight respectively, and we will take care to offer a moment of joy! To be able to surprise you, we need to know at least 3 days before the trip.

We hope to give as many gifts as possible, so we look forward to your comments!

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