Seoul - Bucharest with Jin Air, from 2020

Information about a new route from / to Romania appeared. This is Seoul - Bucharest with Jin Air, a low cost carrier from South Korea. According to statements made by Jung-ho Choi, CEO Jin Air, the route could be opened in 2020.

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Last day, Jin Air officials held a press conference in Seoul, South Korea, announcing an expansion to Central and Eastern Europe.

According to the online publication, among the targeted destinations is Bucharest. The Seoul - Bucharest route could be opened starting with 2020, and the flights could be operated with Beoing 777-200ER aircraft. Also from 2020, the Seoul-Belgrade route is taken into account.

Seoul - Bucharest with Jin Air

But until 2020, there is still a long way to go and many things can happen. The number of Romanian tourists, who choose to travel to Asia, is increasing year by year. But will it be large enough to ensure a sustainable, at least seasonal, route between South Korea and Romania?

Probably more plausible are 2 other routes, which will be launched in 2019: Seoul - Budapest and Seoul - Zagreb.

It would be the biggest expansion of the South Korean operator after 2015, when they launched flights on the Seoul - Honolulu route. It is an ambitious plan and we hope it will be completed.

Jin Air is the low-cost division of Hanjin Group, which also owns Korean Air. Currently, the South Korean airline operates short, medium and long flights to China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, the United States and Australia.

Jin Air owns a fleet of 25 aircraft: 21 x 737-800 and 4 x 777-200ER. Aircraft dedicated to long-haul flights are configured in 2 classes and can carry up to 393 passengers: 48 seats in Business Class and 345 in Economy Class.

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