Singapore requires quadruple testing for vaccinated German citizens

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German citizens can now travel to Singapore without having to be quarantined, provided they are fully vaccinated. However, you must perform four PCR tests for COVID-19. In addition to Germany, Singapore has reopened borders for travelers from Hong Kong, Brunei and Macao.

Passengers must test negative for a PCR test for COVID-19 before departure, not older than 48 hours, must perform a test on arrival at Singapore's Changi Airport, as well as two other post-arrival tests. , on days three and seven at their location in Singapore.

The Singapore authorities have clarified that visitors who do not comply with such requirements are at risk of being fined under the Infectious Diseases Act. Passengers who will show positive results after arriving in Singapore must comply with the quarantine rules in a unit approved by the Government of Singapore, on their own money.

Germany has reopened its borders to Singapore, which means that passengers traveling from Singapore to Germany are allowed to enter German territory without restrictions if they meet the specific requirements.

Travelers must be fully vaccinated and a period of 14 days must elapse from the booster before the time of travel, and the vaccine must be on the list approved for use by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Based on data provided by the World Health Organization, Singapore has a total of 66.478 cases of COVID-19 infection and 49 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. On the other hand, the same source reveals that Germany reported over 3.871.800 cases of infection and a total of 91.980 deaths.

However, despite the rapid spread of new strains of Coronavirus last week, German authorities decided to relax travel restrictions for those arriving from Brazil and Uruguay. The Singapore authorities will continue to estimate the rate of COVID-19 infection in other countries, as well as vaccination rates, in order to reopen the borders to more travelers.

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