Spain maintains the rule of wearing masks on airplanes

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Starting with 16 plus 2022, masks will no longer be required on airplanes and airports. The announcement was made by EASA / ECDC. European authorities have formally dropped the recommendation to wear protective masks on board aircraft and at airports as part of a review of pandemic security measures.

But each country is free to set its own package of measures. There are currently 15 countries where the mask is mandatory for public transport, including airplanes: Austria, Latvia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Estonia, Malta, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy .

As a result, Spain does not give up the mask. All people on flights to and from Spain will continue to be required to wear a mask by plane, the country's health minister, Carolina Darias, announced.

"We have recently taken precautionary measures, always with the unanimity of the experts and, in this case, of the Interterritorial Health Council." Darias emphasized this.

The Minister stressed that European regulations state that the use of mandatory face masks at both airports and flights must be in line with the rules adopted by each country on public transport.

"Therefore, in our regulations it is not mandatory to wear a mask on platforms or airports, but only in public transport and also on flights", Darias pointed out.

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