European states are taking multiple measures against COVID-19 to discourage travel.

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For about 1 year, the planet is under COVID-19 pandemic. But the story of the new coronavirus began in late 2019, somewhere in China.

A few words about COVID-19 and how it works. The virus that causes COVID-19 is transmitted mainly by respiratory droplets, which are spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes or exhales. These drops are too heavy to stay in the air, so they settle on objects or surfaces. You can become infected by inhaling the virus if you are near a person with COVID-19 or by touching contaminated surfaces, then by touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. .

Since the first case was discovered and until now, all countries of the world have applied restrictive measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus and derived strains. These measures were, for the most part, of physical distancing between individuals and of limiting the movement of people to territories, regions and countries.

It is a contagious virus, which is transmitted relatively easily from one individual to another. The more people migrate from one area to another, the greater the chances that the virus will spread, that new strains adapted to those areas will appear and that the COVID-19 pandemic will put more and more pressure on medical systems. from each country.

Restrictive measures are intended to discourage travel

At first many measures seemed exaggerated, but they were taken because I didn't know much about the new coronavirus. We now know what humanity is facing, and measures are being put in place to discourage travel.

Yes, we will probably no longer see closed borders between European countries, but the measures taken are aimed at limiting the spread of the virus. This is done very easily by stopping travel. The EU has issued a directive recommending that all non-essential travel should be discouraged (refers to tourist travel), but that no further isolation measures and global flight suspensions can be applied. Whoever has a real reason to travel will have to follow the measures taken by the country of destination.

Most European countries have already announced multiple measures to further discourage travel

Most European countries have already announced multiple measures, Such as PCR or antigen test and home isolation for all travelers. In this way, the movement of people is limited and travel is increasingly discouraged. Those who want to travel for good reasons are monitored not to spread the new coronavirus. It is not an aberration, but just a method of discouraging non-essential travel. The vaccine is not mandatory, just as it is not mandatory to travel. But when someone chooses to move from one area to another, to do so with a sense of responsibility, assumed and documented.

Nobody has anything to do with tourism, aviation and human rights

Nobody has anything to do with tourism, aviation and human rights. There are no big interests in the middle to destroy global economies. If there is ever a desire of someone to exterminate humanity, it will certainly be done in a subtle way and without knowing what struck us, but it is not the case now.

We must be aware that humanity has gone through many pandemics over millions of years, a way in which man has evolved. The earth is constantly defending itself against pests, and humans are pests for this planet. Man has deforested massively, changed the course of the waters, polluted and pollutes a lot. Some species have disappeared, others are appearing. It's called evolution, even if it's not in the most pleasant direction.

From birth, any living organism fights microbes and viruses. Thanks to science, people have been able to fight these pests through vaccines and drug treatments. Thanks to vaccines, life expectancy has increased and today humanity has reached about 8 billion individuals. It took 200 years for the world's population to reach 000 billion individuals and only 1 years to reach about 200 billion.

Several vaccines have been developed against the new coronavirus

There are already 3 European-accredited vaccines and dozens of other vaccines in the works against the new coronavirus. Over time, scientists will study their effectiveness and improve them. The COVID-19 pandemic will probably last another year, maybe 1 years, more precisely until global immunization reaches very high levels, and the virus is no longer a serious danger to humanity. It is good for each individual to take their own measures and protect themselves, to protect those close to them, regardless of the situation.

And to better understand the pandemics, maybe we should look at what it was like during the Spanish flu pandemic. The advantage of the present over what happened 100 years ago lies in technology, engineering and all that medical research centers mean.

In conclusion, do things assumed and protect yourself. Travel informed and follow the steps taken. Regarding the vaccine, do what you think is best for you, but choose for yourself, not others for you. Find out from official / government sources / trusted media. Avoid conspiracies and all fake news publications.

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