The United States applies stricter rules for air travel: the test is valid for 24 hours!

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The United States has begun calling on international travelers to provide proof of a negative coronavirus test performed no more than a day before the flight.

Previously, fully vaccinated travelers could provide evidence of a negative test performed within 72 hours. The new requirement may be difficult for some passengers to meet, as it may take more than a day to receive test results, plus flight or stopover flights.

The new rules cause some passengers to give up traveling because they cannot follow the planned itineraries. It is still an obstacle for Americans living outside the United States and for foreigners hoping to travel to the United States for Christmas and New Year.

Unfortunately, many countries in Europe, America, and Asia have taken drastic measures against eight countries in South Africa. Health experts have criticized this policy and urged caution, as little is known about the Omicron variant, which was first detected and sequenced less than two weeks ago in South Africa.

The stricter testing requirement for travelers arriving in the US came into effect just as air travel was enjoying a return. The Sunday after Thanksgiving was the busiest day in American airports, from February 2020 until now, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

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