ICAO statistics for 2018: 4.3 billion passengers flew by plane

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At the end of 2018, ICAO presented the statistics for 2018. Preliminary results show that approximately 2018 billion passengers were transported to 4.3. The increase was 6.1% compared to 2017, when 4.1 billions of passengers were estimated.

By regions, Asia-Pacific recorded the highest growth, of 7.3%. In second place was Europe, with 6.7% increase in passenger traffic. Central and South America increased by 6.6%, and Africa increased by 6.5%.

Low cost companies, market share of 31%

Low cost airlines (LCC) have transported 1.3 billion passengers globally. Which represents 31% of the total number of passengers carried worldwide.

The share of low-cost companies in Europe is 36%, followed by the Latin American / Caribbean (35%), North America (30%) and Asia / Pacific (29%) market shares.

4.3 billion passengers

Although the stimulation of air travel has declined and promotions have not been as attractive as in 2017, passenger air traffic has increased by 6.1%. This shows that the commercial aviation industry is solid and more and more passengers choose to fly by plane.

Commercial aviation contributes to the world GDP in the percentage of 3.1%. However, there are signs in the market that there is an economic period with global difficulties.

World Bank estimates show slowdown in emerging markets. At the same time, geopolitical tensions are contributing negatively to the development of global and automatic trade in reducing air traffic of passengers and cargo.

The next 2 years are carefully monitored by the authorized bodies because there are high chances of disruptive situations in the industry due to economic problems.

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