(Video) Imogen storm gives pilots a big headache. Spectacular landings at UK airports

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These days, the UK, Ireland and Wales have been hit by the Imogen storm, which has brought torrential rains and winds over 100 km / h off the coast of Cornwall and many other regions. Hundreds of homes have been left without electricity, and other regions are under water.

Alitalia-runway-at-London-City Airport

This storm is causing major headaches for airport authorities as well as pilots. Several passengers have had emotional landings due to the strong wind. Only the mastery of the pilots made everything run smoothly without incident or accident. Below are some pictures of aircraft landing with difficulty at London airports.

ALITALIA, AZ222 Milan - London / London City

Crosswind landing / London Stansted

easyJet, Belfast - Bristol / Bristol

Crosswind landing / Bristol Airport

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