Alitalia strike on 5 July: 142 of canceled flights

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During this day, between the hours 11-15 (local time in Italy), the cabin staff and Alitalia pilots are on strike. The strike was organized by the Fit-Cisl union, and the problems are related to working conditions.


Due to the strike, Alitalia had to cancel 142 flights, most of them domestic. But European flights were also affected. From the Rome-Fiumicino base, Alitalia canceled flights to Paris, Cairo, Beirut or Dusseldorf. From the Milan-Linate base, flights to Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam were affected. Long-haul flights will be operated according to the schedule.

Most of the passengers were booked on other flights, the strike being announced in advance. Alitalia CEO, Cramer Ball, disagrees with this strike. He mentioned that the real motive of the strike lies in the privileges cut off by Alitalia employees.

If you have flights with Alitalia, analyze the schedule directly to the airline!

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