Sweden extends ban to EU and EEA citizens who have not been immunized or tested by 31 August

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The Swedish government has announced that the ban on those traveling from the European Union and the countries of the European Economic Area has been extended. However, the ban only applies to those who are unable to present a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test result or a certificate confirming recovery from the virus. The ban will take effect on June 30 and remain in force until August 31.

"The Swedish government has decided to extend the ban on foreign travelers to Sweden, mainly due to the continuing uncertainty about COVID-19 infection. The government has already decided that prudent restrictions on entry into the EU and EEA should be reduced to minimize the risk of further restrictions. " The extension of the entry ban for arrivals from EU and EEA countries was carried out in line with the EU recommendation and, firstly, due to the continuing uncertainty about the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, arrivals from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway will not be subject to any travel restrictions on entry into Sweden. "Opening up travel in the northern region is the first step in opening up travel to and from Sweden, which must be done gradually and responsibly. At the same time, the Government is in close dialogue with the Swedish Health Agency. ", said the Swedish Minister of Internal Affairs.

Sweden extends the ban to EU and EEA travelers who have not been immunized or tested until 31 August.

Under EU regulations, unrestricted travel to Scandinavia is possible if passengers present a vaccination certificate against COVID-19, a negative test result or a certificate proving recovery from coronavirus infection.

According to the EU Council's recommendation, Sweden has just lifted the ban on Japanese travelers as well. However, those wishing to travel from Japan must report a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival in Sweden. With the exception of Japan and the Nordic countries, citizens and residents of the following countries can travel without restrictions to Sweden: Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Israel.

Based on figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), on June 23, Sweden recorded 1.084.636 COVID-19 cases and 14.574 deaths. To date, Sweden has administered more than 6.730.000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine at a rate of approximately 70.334 doses per day in the last week. This means that 42% of the entire population received at least one dose of vaccine, while 23.5% were completely vaccinated.

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